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Yang Xiuzhu: Escape beauty big earlobes pierced the full hole on drugs – Sohu survive the news of Yang Xiuzhu’s escape route from Wenzhou city newspaper pictures of brother Yang Jinjun have been repatriated, anecdotal speculation this is Yang Xiuzhu will also be a prelude to temperature repatriated reporter Zhou Linzi in September 18th, the suspect fled the United States 14 years of corruption and bribery Yang Jinjun was forced back Chinese. There had been speculation that Yang Jinjun and her sister Yang Xiuzhu may also be repatriated. At the end of May this year, due to the violation of the visa waiver program (VWP) terms, Yang Xiuzhu detained the U.S. immigration and customs enforcement. Said a Wenzhou overseas Chinese in the United States, Yang Xiuzhu is currently in custody in a prison in New York, sick sick. Yang Xiuzhu, a former deputy mayor of Wenzhou City, Zhejiang province construction department deputy director, in 2003 China fled, released red warrant listed the first list of 100 flight personnel. Many property owners turned the Charter so well in the United States in April 20, 2003, Yang Xiuzhu took his daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter, from Shanghai China began boarding, fled the road. According to earlier media reports, she first went to Singapore, after defected to the United States, there are two of her brother Yang Shoudi, Yang March, and a cousin of Yang Haiyan. Chen Wen nationals overseas Achang (a pseudonym) revealed that Yang Xiuzhu had several brothers and sisters in the United States are to take care of Yang Xiuzhu in foreign assets, including the relationship between Yang Haiyan and Yang Xiuzhu is the most. He said in the past, Yang Haiyan’s husband Miu Dexing in the South Gate of Wenzhou is a duck traders, and later promoted by Yang Xiuzhu into the urban construction system, to help Yang Xiuzhu to take care of business. According to statistics, Yang Xiuzhu at a property in the United States is the company where Miu Dexing sold her. To the United States, Yang Xiuzhu, New York and Manhattan rely on a number of real estate rents, the economy is not tight. Manhattan on the middle and lower three cities, of which the city’s most prosperous business, where the landlord has a real estate is frequented by senior officials near United Nations Headquarters. There are media reports, in the West 29 street and Sixth Avenue Interchange is a high 5 storey apartment, one of them is Yang Xiuzhu buy. Chen more than 10 years ago, people in Manhattan to study, when the landlord rented house is Yang Xiuzhu. During the Yang Xiuzhu escape, he also met her in person, pay rent. "It looks like a good life." Mr. Chen described this. Even in the local Wenzhou people fled, Yang Xiuzhu is also a celebrity circle. Chang said that as long as she walked out during the day, the people will always be seen in Wenzhou, during that time, we always have a topic of conversation, Yang Xiuzhu". Many places alone fled to Holland to act and speak conspicuous, raised eyebrows in October 2003, a brother Yang Xiuzhu found the immigration police looking for his sister everywhere. Not long ago, Yang Xiuzhu in the United States because real estate taxes were linked to lawsuit. Subsequently, Yang Xiuzhu and more fled to Holland. Childhood living in Holland Wenzhou A Mei (a pseudonym) recalls seeing Yang Xiuzhu for the first time, also repeatedly lamented: "I remember about 10 years ago, I saw a barber shop in Arnhem相关的主题文章: