Yangzhou cadres admit eating empty rates age retirement pay more than 8 thousand (video) punyu

Yangzhou cadres admit eating empty rates: age retirement pay more than 8 thousand more than the salary is China Joe Chinese sound "peak Evening News" reported that recently, Yangzhou enterprises in Jiangsu Jiangdu district cadres said his past retirement age of 2 years, but still led cadres pay more than 8 thousand and 800 yuan per month, it is in "eat empty rates". Why should the cadres expose themselves? Why not apply for retirement? Joe Yu Hua, deputy secretary of Party branch of Yangzhou Universiade group company was born in December 1954, he retired two years ago, but his wages, still nearly nine thousand yuan a month. Joe Yu Hua said: "we should retire is 6000 dollars, now give me 8848 yuan (per month), I feel to take so much, my heart is not practical, also violated the discipline of the party, I as a party member, should not take more than." The wages of Qiao Huayu, is issued in accordance with the "technical grade director", including the level of wages and allowances and subsidies. Reporters to the identity of the family members of the Jiangdu District Bureau of human resources and social Bureau of wages, to verify that this is indeed a wage wage. Staff said, he has reached the age of December 2014 to age, in 2015 of January should start the retirement wage." To the retirement age, still take the wages of the job, Qiao Huayu even wrote to the relevant departments to reflect their own eating empty rates". Holding a high salary, as a leading position in state-owned enterprises, Qiao Huayu why to report their own? This question, from his identity. Joe Hua Yu is demobilized cadres, has been awarded the rank of major, was appointed in 1991 Jiangdu County livestock breeding field deputy secretary general branch committee, which is now the city of Yangzhou Jiangdu Jinhua Group, is mainly responsible for the work of the party, he has been working in this position. In 1997, the nursery management system reform, Jiangdu municipal Party committee issued a document, the Universiade group 12 cadres of the relationship between wages transferred place, the provisions of these 12 people should refer to the Jiangdu county (92) No. 17, by the Jiangdu Organization Department on behalf of management. Qiao Huayu belongs to the file specified in the "field Party committee, deputy secretary general branch committee", also on the list. Although Qiao Huayu in the enterprise, but his identity is the cause of the preparation, which has also been confirmed by the office of the Jiangdu District Organization Committee office. It is understood that his salary is paid by the government, in accordance with the wage standards issued by the agency. The cause of the establishment, but with the wages of the authorities, Qiao Huayu believes that his identity, two do not rely on". For people like him, Jiangdu issued "opinions" have implemented Jiangdu norms of civil servants allowances and subsidies in 2008, pointed out that "the institution staff" implementation of the civil servant salary system should belong to the scope of the specification and object. Joe Yu Hua told reporters, "the staff in a number of part-time units, to the administrative relations, organizational relations and wage relations into a new unit, the relationship I should be merged into the Jiangdu District, but should not and." Two years ago, when Qiao Huayu retired, Jiangdu fairy town organization department told him that his organization department did not file, Joe Huayu are "not in the series is not registered personnel, not in accordance with the treatment of civil servants retirement. This led him to work and retirement treatment and participation of public officers, there are differences, he repeatedly to the leadership to reflect the problem?相关的主题文章: