Yangzhou man is a bag of fruit knife stabbed his brother-in-law and nephew-shishangqiyi

Yangzhou man is a bag of fruit knife stabbed his brother-in-law and nephew of the world every day in a farce. Someone to the feelings of a showdown; some people in order to honor the battle of wits; some people in order to combat money. There was a bag of fruit and a knife. At the beginning of this year, the small Wu families of the people of Yangzhou were eating at the outside public. At the dinner table with Xiao Wu father Wu people yiyanbuge clashes. My heart is very depressed, is preparing to go out on the table, see Xiao Wu brought a fruit, grew more and more gas, he picked up the bag and went out. Just go to the garage, my nephew and brother-in-law Zhang Wang will chase out, let Wu put the fruit down. My heart that is not convinced! The two sides were wrestling together. Each other a lot, Wu was lying on the ground, a bunch of keys hanging on the waist was also thrown aside. A folding knife is just hanging on the key string. Wu regardless of the consequence, picked up the knife and stabbed Zhang to Pharaoh up, then fled in panic. It has been identified that the abdominal wall of Lao Wang penetrates the wound of two light wounds, and the small chest and abdomen wound is minor injury. After the incident, Wu and Wang, Zhang Dacheng compensation agreement, and made two people. 扬州市江都区法院经审理认为,老吴故意伤害他人身体,致人轻伤,其行为已构成故意伤害罪。 Wang was arrested after a confession, and actively compensate the victims of economic losses, has made the understanding of victims, the Jiangdu court sentenced to intentional injury back to one year imprisonment, suspended for one year. The judge reminding: "the impulse is the devil", and I don’t listen to it. No matter how much resentment in the heart, you can’t move the knife at will. Calm is the right way to solve the problem.

扬州男子为一袋水果 持刀捅伤连襟和外甥这世界每天都在上演闹剧。 有人为了感情一决高下; 有人为了名誉斗智斗勇; 有人为了钱财白刃相接。竟然还有人了一袋水果就挥刀子。今年年初时,扬州人小吴一家在外公家吃饭。席间小吴的父亲老吴跟饭桌上的人一言不合起了冲突。老吴心中十分郁闷,正准备出门,瞥见桌子上小吴带来的水果,越想越气,顺手拎起袋子就走了出去。 刚走到车库,老吴的外甥小张以及连襟老王就追了出来,让老吴把水果放下。老吴心中那个不服气啊!双方便扭打在一起。 对方人多势众,老吴被打趴在地,挂在腰间的一串钥匙也被甩在了一边。 钥匙串上正好挂着一把折叠刀。 老吴不管三七二十一,捡起小刀对着小张和老王就捅了上去,随后仓皇而逃。经鉴定,老王腹壁穿透创口属轻伤二级,小张胸腹部创口属轻微伤。 事发后,老吴与老王、小张达成赔偿协议,并取得二人谅解。扬州市江都区法院经审理认为,老吴故意伤害他人身体,致人轻伤,其行为已构成故意伤害罪。归案后老王坦白认罪,并积极赔偿被害人的经济损失,已取得被害人的谅解,最终江都法院以故意伤害罪判处老吴有期徒刑一年,缓刑一年。 法官提醒:都说“冲动是魔鬼”,咋就偏偏不听呢!无论心中有多大的怨气,也不能随意动刀子,冷静才是解决问题的正道。相关的主题文章: