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Electric · Yong Jing Fu: with mountain villa in the nobles of life — property — people.com.cn (Note: This article belongs to people.com.cn published business information, the content does not represent the views for reference only.) 256-278 square meters of scarce mountain villa stacked in the mountain city welcome tasting shade shade, breathe fresh air, enjoy the natural oxygen bar in the private courtyard show ingenuity; all kinds of flowers, drink tea, chat in the sun; overflowing sunlight room, sunbathing, enjoy the fun of multiple city life. Electric · Yong Jing Fu to create their own garden for you, good moring picture let this stretch. At the center of electric · fam Shu Yong; Jing palace is located in the city of Maigaoqiao is located in the Hongshan plate, the mountains at the foot of Shijingshan, taking more than 200 acres of ecological mountain park and more than 70 years time will be the perfect time of camphor Road, building and natural fusion, the mountain, Yamanaka Yu, at the height of filling height in the villa. Here, Shijingshan, Hongshan, Zijingshan among three, Xuanwu Lake Vicenza, aesthetic artistic conception building hidden in the mountains, hidden in the forest, the community landscape also extends to the Shijingshan Park in the community, and pick up order, Qujingtongyou, a comfortable forest landscape, empty silence, an exquisite scenery, grace. Under the patio layer peak life favor par classic garden, CLP · Yong Jing Fu Shu stack products stack and stack, the main area of 256-278 square meters, fold products have private family homes, superimposed products enjoy the large terrace gift. 278 square meters of overlapping products, lower ingenuity full function design, living room tiaogao, highlight their noble temperament, rich elegant luxury bedroom layout, not only bring more attention to detail, the occupants comfortable life experience. Large balcony overlooking the mountain scene, viewing, Wyatt enjoy the quiet life. Careful design of the basement, with classic sunken courtyard, garden, leisure, entertainment and other family warm living situation and strong sense of belonging, sections. 256 square meters on the stack of products, large balcony, the balcony view of connection banner, lighting and ventilation, sunshine, breeze unsolicited. More practical beautiful rooftop terrace garden gifts, table tennis, sun bath, friends dinner perfect city life style began extension. The value of land + humanistic value of the nobles of pure blood for a long time, peak level life villa home life is to meet the people’s material and spiritual state of the sense of belonging, and has been "xietonglun" as confirmed. It focuses on two aspects, on the one hand, the value of the land, the other is the value of the humanities, that is, the value of land, the value of location, the historical value of the human settlement. However, with the wave of earth to shoot the war strikes, Maigaoqiao plate value is self-evident, the main mountain villa stack, rare is more rare. Electric · Yong Jing Fu in the bustling city Yishanbangshui and core areas, away from the dust of the city, one hundred meters underground, more than 20 bus lines around the city, north of the city project supporting 220 thousand large scale commercial complex, combining traditional Chinese and Western medicine hospital close at hand, pulling a small branch, Xiong Maoyou Park, two elite camouflage, 5 minutes free full the life supporting system and 2)相关的主题文章: