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Yongzhou police head 4 sewing needles not under fire overnight Dunshou captured drug addicts (original title: Dongan police head 4 sewing needles under fire, not captured overnight Dunshou "drug addicts") net Dongan news in September 14th to strike "hurricane action" in Hunan Province, Yongzhou, head of Dongan County Public Security Bureau police Deng Pengcheng when the police were 4 stitches. Even so, he still slightly fewer than FireWire, to insist that night Dunshou, captured a "drug addict". In September 12th, Dongan County Public Security Bureau police station received the Huaqiao line, suspected drug addicts in a district near the activities. After receiving the alarm, Deng Pengcheng and colleagues of the district launched Mopai investigation, and often in traffickingcases locations dunshou. Day 20 am, Deng Pengcheng found the suspect Yang Moumou activities in his residence, and then to observe the residence of Yang moumou. In order to avoid the use of a flashlight he did not act rashly and alert the enemy. Due to the suspect residence around the terrain is more complex, Deng Pengcheng in the vicinity of the suspect’s residence near the window of an open space, the soles of the feet stepped on the air, the head was scratched fence. Subsequently, Deng Pengcheng was sent to hospital for treatment. The doctor treated Deng Pengcheng’s head wound with 4 stitches and advised him to stay in hospital. Deng Pengcheng considered himself familiar with the suspect appearance, stature, if Dunshou other colleagues, so that he may be adversely affected by aircraft, squatting on the suspect insisted injured. By day and night Dunshou, September 13th at 10 o’clock in the morning, Deng Pengcheng and his colleagues finally suspects Yang Moumou arrested. Upon inquiry, the suspect Yang Moumou confessed to the illegal drugs. Yang Moumou was sentenced to 12 days of police custody, the case is under further digging. (net correspondent Wei Longyuan Ye Zhiqiang)相关的主题文章: