You Do Not Need To Be An Athlete To Train Like One-tianbi

Health Fit Fem’rs, did you squirm when you read this title? I can see how you might feel intimidated by the sound of sports conditioning. I bet you think of a hard core sports conditioning fitness workout to belong only to those that are hardcore athletes. But, I hate to break it to you, you all thought wrong because even though it may be true that sports conditioning was originally centered on making an athlete better in the specific sport he or she is training for, even individuals who are not athletes can engage in sports conditioning and get a great, kick ass physiqueand yes that includes a feminine physique at that! Seriously, think of all the hot female athletes that just look super awesome. Think tennis superstars Maria Sharapova, and Serena and Venus Williams, surfer chick Anastasia Ashley, and or how about auto racer Danica Patrick, otherwise known as the face of Go Daddy. I actually teach a sports conditioning class, another one of my favorites in addition to cardio kickboxing, and I personally find it to be the most challenging but more efficient workout. This workout absolutely makes you sweat and tone muscle in no time. A good sports conditioning program is .posed of workouts that don’t just merely focus on certain areas of the body that are often thought of as those most in use in a particular sport. All your muscles need to work harmoniously and this is makes an athlete successful in a sport. It can make you more in tune with your body in order to be in the pink of health. To create well-rounded sports conditioning workouts, you need to make sure that you have a few important .ponents intact. The first .ponent involves endurance. This entails the heart being able to properly pump and distribute blood through the entire body and the body being able to last through any number of workouts. The second and third .ponents focus on strength and flexibility, with the former seeing how much resistance a muscle can take and the latter seeing how much range of motion a muscle has. The fourth and fifth .ponents are speed, which factors in a person’s ability to move with efficiency, and power, which factors in a person’s ability to do the maximum exertion necessary for a movement. The sixth .ponent is agility and this is being able to do successive movements in opposing directions. The seventh and eighth .ponents are balance and coordination with balance controlling a stationary position or active movement and with coordination controlling the right .bination of muscles well. Before beginning workouts, it is important to remember that each person is different and are at different conditioning levels. There might be certain .ponents you’ll excel in while others you might not. But it’s all ok! Sports conditioning should not be a quick-fix; it is a progressive type of workout. Stick with the routine and over time increase the workout load and allow time for the body to rest and recover. Given time and a body’s capacity to adapt, the .ponents that are necessary for the workouts will be.e the very benefits you’ll want to get through sports conditioning. To me, sports conditioning can make you feminine, strong, slim, and sexy as hell! Try a sports conditioning workout and let me know how you do. Keeping the fun in fitness! Your fit fem personal trainer and expert in women’s only fitness, Syl About the Author: 相关的主题文章: