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Young farmers pick up the mountain jujube killed a bee sting bee angered Washington Meng (reporter Yang Jianan) in rural areas has already started in the autumn harvest, harvest at the same time, may also encounter little trouble. Mr. Du is in danger because of picking up the jujube. Mr. Du, more than 40 year old, who lives in a village in Fengyingzi town high tech zone. In September 18th, he and his wife went to pick dates, when you pick to half, Mr Du was suddenly a wasp stung his neck, he waved the hornet off the ground, trod to death. But then, twenty or thirty wasp ran over him, confound Mr. Du ran out of jujube woods, his wife with a coat to help struggling to beat the swarm. In the end, two people were stung, and Mr. Du was especially serious, and the neck, face, and arm were stung not less than 15. At the beginning, duer and his wife felt that they were stung to the spot. Soon, Mr. Du’s symptoms were serious. He felt the scalp was numb and dizzy, and the right eyelid had been swollen to completely block the line of sight. His wife rode a motorcycle to carry Mr. Du down the mountain, and then went to the hospital for a taxi. Mr. Du was diagnosed with moderate poisoning. The doctor pulled out the needle after the residual part of bees, and Mr. Du infusion, that night, Mr. Du home safe. "At that time, I didn’t see where the beehives were. They didn’t touch the colony at all. Suddenly, the bees attacked me. It’s unfortunate. My whole face is swollen." Mr. Du said. The wife was stung five or six needles, except for the pain, but there was no hinder.   记者咨询医生得知,秋季是马蜂伤人高发时节,因为秋季是马蜂繁殖的季节,需要大量摄取食物,马蜂的性情也变得暴躁,对惊扰异常敏感,会视为有人故意找事,所以才发动攻击蜇人。 It is understood that most of the bee stings were not deliberately stir up trouble, instead, the attack is rather baffling, such as walking on the road and saw a hornet’s hand gently fan, sometimes even some women wearing bright, will also be wasp attack. A beekeeper told reporters, Lu Yu hive, the best around, if attacked, do not fight back, because the wasps sting is revenge, is provoke when the counter attack, will make retaliation intensified, it will also lead to a swarm of bees attack. Do not run, stop in the place, and use clothes to protect your head. The doctor finally reminded, was a wasp sting, wounds often redness, tingling, or petechia and skin necrosis, which is poisoning performance, the majority of the symptoms disappeared in a few hours to several days. The self will sting sting out, wash with soap and water, then local disinfection. However, if it is found that the person who is stung is dyspnea, breathing and roughening, wheezing, or dizziness, chest tightness, numbness of hands and feet and other systemic symptoms, it is necessary to send first aid immediately.

壮年农民上山摘枣打死一只蜂惹怒蜂群被蜇懵   本报讯(记者 杨建安) 农村秋收已经陆续开始,在喜获丰收的同时,也可能遭遇小麻烦。杜先生就因为摘枣惹怒蜂群,发生危险。   杜先生今年40多岁,家住高新区冯营子镇某村。9 月18日,他和妻子上山摘枣,摘到一半的时候,杜先生突然被一只马蜂蜇了脖子,他一挥手将马蜂打掉在地,一脚踩死。可紧接着,二三十只马蜂奔他袭来,惊慌失措的杜先生赶紧跑出枣树林,妻子则用外套上前帮忙奋力扑打蜂群。最终,两人都被蜇了,杜先生尤其严重,脖子、脸和胳膊上被蜇了不少于15 针。   开始,杜先生和妻子就觉得被蜇到的部位疼,很快,杜先生的症状严重起来,感觉头皮发麻、头晕,右眼皮已经肿得完全遮挡了视线。   妻子骑摩托载着杜先生下山,之后打车到医院就诊,杜先生被确诊为中度中毒。医生拔出了部分残留的毒蜂针后,又为杜先生输液,当晚,杜先生安全回家。   “我当时根本没看见蜂窝在哪,根本没碰到蜂群,太突然了,蜂群就攻击我,真是倒霉,我整个脸肿得不像样子了。”杜先生说。   妻子也被蜇了五六针,除了疼痛以外,却没有大碍。   记者咨询医生得知,秋季是马蜂伤人高发时节,因为秋季是马蜂繁殖的季节,需要大量摄取食物,马蜂的性情也变得暴躁,对惊扰异常敏感,会视为有人故意找事,所以才发动攻击蜇人。   据了解,大多数被蜂蜇伤的患者并非故意惹事,相反,被袭击都是莫名其妙,如走在路上看见大马蜂用手轻轻扇,甚至有时候一些女性穿着鲜艳一些,也会被马蜂偷袭。   一位养蜂人告诉记者,路遇蜂巢,最好绕行,万一遇袭,千万不要反击,因为马蜂蜇人是被招惹后的报复行为,如果反击,会使报复加剧,还会引来群蜂袭击。也不要跑,停在原地不动,用衣服护头。   医生最后提醒,被马蜂蜇后,伤处往往会出现红肿、刺痛,或出现淤点和皮肤坏死,这是中毒的表现,多数人的症状一般在数小时至数天内消失。被蜇伤者可自行将蜂刺挑出,用肥皂水清洗患处,然后进行局部消毒。不过,如果发现被蜇伤者呼吸困难、呼吸声音变粗、带有喘息声,或出现头晕、胸闷、手足麻木等全身性症状,要立即送医急救。相关的主题文章: