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Yu Xu: "Peacock" heaven man – Beijing underground adorable girl to see such a message could not believe that after all she was seen more than and 10 days ago…… In two consecutive Zhuhai airshow saw Yu Xu valiant heroic: 2012 first run Zhuhai airshow, the 4 fighter female pilots appeared together show, is the most sensational news at the time, that a debut she is the coolest, my colleague Zhang Shibo sent him a record of Yu Xu’s classic moment to I think we all recognized, wearing sunglasses she lined up hair thrown up like simply could not be more handsome, minute "seckill" next to the male pilots. The Zhuhai air show last public appearance in the Chengdu Daily reporter to interview two Yu Xu Yu Xu is also very warm and talkative, when it comes to a happy place directly out of Sichuan at that time in Zhuhai, we as reporters in Sichuan delegation followed a delegation to fly large condolences Bayi aerobatic team, flying female nature is the most dazzling topic, because 4 there are 3 of us is plain, natural and proud. After the first day of the end of the performance, 3 chuanmeizi down from the bus, stand in a row, Yu Xu from Chongzhou is the most Petite quiet. See the hometown media, Xu Yu is also very warm and talkative, when it comes to a happy place directly out of words: "Sichuan is not particularly nervous, is quite satisfactory, the most difficult is the three machine head and double cross the two afterburner formation takeoff action." "I am flying two, still very excited, but this tension is not because of fear, after all, is the first public flight, so I feel very excited. If according to the actual score, can only say that there is no best only better." Talking about, she is very humble. "In the air as a female man, back to the ground to do a girl" want to become a soldier, become a pilot, so that the peacock dance Yu Xu will produce a kind of inexplicable desire". This "inexplicable desire" let Yu Xu cut long hair, lost plush dolls, gives the most excellent female fighter pilots in flight technology group. In such a challenging career for girls, she has to pay more sweat and effort. In 2005 she recruited female fighter pilots, 2007 began flight training, flight time more than and 900 hours…… After the training, the training is exactly the same as that of male pilots, including running, sprinting and strength training. Beautiful, confident, intelligent…… From soft sister grew up as a pilot, Yu Xu’s growth with distinct personal characteristics. "To be a woman in the air, to be a girl on the ground." Yu Xuceng told reporters. I hope you in the heaven can still be so cool flight in November 1st this year at Zhuhai, still see Yu Xu’s name into the Bayi aerobatic team. In the same place, two years after the bye, Yu Xu is still cool, looks more than two years ago, slightly thinner. A head shoulder in the long hair, still full of heroic spirit. Standing in front of the bus, a lot of fans are looking for her photo, she patiently to meet one by one, revealing a symbolic smile. Compared to two years ago, the students Pei相关的主题文章: