Yuan Zhong the dignity of life is the destruction of human spirit

Yuan Zhong: no dignity of life is to destroy the human spirit – Sohu health

dignity, that is not to be offended, unyielding and so on to maintain self-esteem and reflect the higher value of character.

dignity of life, the spirit of life to defend the body. Including not being offended, unyielding, reflecting the higher value of life and other respected character. Such as the "Mencius force can bend, immune to temptations, poverty can not be changed" embodies the soul of unyielding integrity. And Zhang Zai "for the world heart, for the people life, to continue to the holy secret, for eternal peace open" highlight the pursuit of higher value of life.

the dignity of life comes from our understanding and experience of our own life. "God created human beings" and "Heaven angry man", a supreme creator, the supreme power of creation, are repeatedly told us: our life is so sacred, supreme God and our strength. Thus, we have the divine and the power to create the life of a sense of holiness, fear, that gives life with dignity.

the dignity of life often changes because of different views on life. Such as human beings because of different cultures, different beliefs, different classes, different colors, different shapes, different wealth, such as discrimination against life and even hostility. So different in the eyes of some people, it is important for heterogeneous demonizing to activate the hatred and desire to destroy, further attacks, and war is cruel…… Early Westerners to South American natives and African disdain, Nazi Germany demonization of Jews, demonization of the Japanese militarism of heterogeneous, Chinese Cultural Revolution demonize the academic authority of the Middle East, radical Islamists of pagans are demonized, and trampled life, cruel persecution, ruthless killing, let life there is no dignity.

the dignity of life based on life is the supreme arrangement, but also based on the noble pursuit of the value of life. The so-called supreme arrangement, is the supreme understanding of human life and the creator, that is, respect for man and god. Go to the Le Louvre Museum in France to see the ubiquitous praise of the people and God, to the Beijing Museum of art can see everywhere praise for people and nature. Unfortunately, in the past one hundred years, although capitalism has created enormous wealth for us, science and technology to create a new life for us, money and technology has also gradually over the people and God, the universal money to many social elite to "economic jungle", thousands of years of human development and life values dignity has been greatly impacted seriously corrupt officials, teachers "knowledge," there are hawkers "doctor Zuozhen Zuosi feeling", the judge take back to the plaintiff…… Poisonous capsule, poisonous milk powder, poisonous rice…… Everyone thought to have people around money, I hurt everyone, everyone against me, the public trust capital cost, the dignity of life seriously demeaning, which sadly self deprecating, for money at all costs, including the dignity of life.

when technology is becoming more and more popular, the dignity of life is also affected at any time. Remember 2>