Yulin, Shaanxi is now the most cattle license plate five cars with k88888 license plate aapt.exe

Shaanxi Yulin is the most cattle five car license plate with K88888 license plate hanging September 16th netizens puliao, Shaanxi Yulin is one of the most cattle Shaanxi K88888 license plate, the vehicle as a cheetah car, and joked this is much more expensive than the car license plate. However, some friends took the Shaanxi K88888 license plate actually found that the license plate of the vehicle is not just a car, but there are 5 cars while hanging the license plate, involving the 4 models. According to the user’s photos can be seen, the suspension of the vehicle license plate to Honda, TOYOTA and Mercedes Benz, 4 cheetah car models, in the part of the vehicle glass also posted a vehicle number 1 or 8. "I think it should be or how to clone car, a license plate will also appear in the vehicles of different models of the car." Net friend said. The evening of September 16th, Yulin city traffic police detachment official micro-blog Yulin police said, after investigation and verification, Shaanxi K88888 vehicle license plate initial registration time is February 2007, registered vehicles for the green grey cheetah SUV brand. In May 2011, the number of registered vehicle information changes to black TOYOTA suv. "After we obtain the license plate track information in January 2016 has not yet found the report in the picture, cheetah, Honda, Benz vehicle trajectory information." Yulin city traffic police detachment, said a staff member, users are welcome to continue to provide valuable clues to the time, place and other information on the vehicle back to the traffic police department. (source: Yulin traffic police)相关的主题文章: