Yunnan will implement the new network registration management – the food workshops and vendors-66814

Yunnan will implement the new network registration management in Xinhua news agency, Kunming November 11th – the food workshops and vendors (reporter Ding Yiquan) reporter from the Yunnan provincial government information office was informed that the "Yunnan province food production and processing of small workshops and food vendors management measures" will be formally implemented in December 1, 2016, the implementation of the registration management of the provincial food small shops and vendors. Deputy director of Yunnan Provincial Food Safety Committee Office, deputy director of the provincial food and Drug Administration Yang Zhu introduced, Yunnan province existing food workshops nearly 2 million, employing nearly 200 thousand people, all kinds of food vendors to more than 20 households. Small workshops and food vendors have a positive role in inheriting the traditional diet culture, convenient for people living, increase employment, but there is a lack of supervision of food safety hazards. According to reports, from December 1st this year, Yunnan province food workshops, vendors will implement the registration and record management, to actually act in the post regulation, once the food workshops and vendors appear in violation of national food safety related laws and regulations and the way of behavior will be investigated, bear the corresponding legal responsibility. The degree of harm for violations of food safety, the small workshop administrative penalties set amount at 30 thousand yuan, the amount of administrative penalty vendors set at 5000 yuan. At the same time, the implementation of standardized measures of the province at all levels of government departments and vendors of food workshops supervision and management behavior, to solve the long division of food of small shops and vendors in the regulation is unclear, no legal basis for the issue of supervision.相关的主题文章: