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Yuzhong issued ten new city micro travel routes — Chongqing — Chongqing mountain to windows people.com.cn as viewfinder movie "passing from your world" in September 29th official premiere. In September 28th, Yuzhong released the latest ten micro tour of Yuzhong city travel routes, invite you to follow in the footsteps of the movie star National Day period, with relatives and friends together to experience the city brilliantly illuminated sense and rich marketplace atmosphere perfect fusion of the unique charm of the mountain. Ten tours to the release of the financial Chongqing old streets in Yuzhong representative, authentic delicacy shopping center and cultural entertainment landmark as a whole, Chongqing residents and tourists to provide the most practical new city travel tips. Known as the Monument for Liberation, Hong Yadong, eighteen, two ladder goose ridge mountain trail, factory, four Zhongshan Road, Chongqing Plaza, Loquat Hill, Daping oil road line in the. The release of the scene, from across the world, Zhang Yibai, director of Chongqing, with authentic Chongqing dialect expressed his love for his hometown. Zhang Yibai said, every time I go back to Chongqing, will be shocked by the changes in Chongqing and the new look, Yuzhong district still retains the old Chongqing style moved, hope that through this movie can let more people understand Chongqing, Yuzhong understand. It is understood that the ten micro tour of Yuzhong travel line release, marking the Yuzhong City Tour "series of activities over Yuzhong kicked off. Next, "over Yuzhong" will also carry out the invitation in Chongqing consular tasting Yuzhong, invited Master experience of the commercial center of Yuzhong special delicacy and other activities. On the same day, Yuzhong district business alliance was formally established. The alliance by the Yuzhong Business Bureau, Yuzhong Tourism Bureau, Yuzhong Culture Commission, together with the Tencent.com 13 regional portals, Tencent penguin from the media platform, a collection of Yuzhong in commercial, cultural, tourism, tourist attractions and excellent brand essence of cultural resources. The future will be built in Yuzhong, the business characteristics of the project Internet plus cross industry cooperation, festival marketing and other aspects to achieve business integration development, promote the upgrading of Yuzhong global tourism promotion. (reporter Long Danmei) (Wang Zhang, commissioning editor:??)相关的主题文章: