Zero-g Shanghai concert is South Korea’s top concert director-winpm

ZERO-G Shanghai concert concert will be South Korea’s top director of Tencent entertainment news the first domestic pure China large team ZERO-G after his debut Concert – "one dance two", the upcoming October 26th 19:30 in Shanghai Bay Cultural Arts Center held Q.Hall. According to informed sources, in October 24th, who directed bulletproof youth club, JYJ and other well-known group of Korea’s top concert stage director Kevin Kim visited ZERO-G team training base, on-site guidance to members of the ZERO-G expression and the stage of tension. Top director, only is the most wonderful 2 hours it is understood that Kevin Kim has directed the juvenile group, JYJ, 2AM plates, AOA, Wonder, girls and other famous groups of the concert, the professional degree and directed by experience, is the industry’s top level. ZERO-G brokerage company white culture for the concert, specifically invited him to the members of the performance and the stage of tension on the spot guidance. Kevin Kim also said that the "China team great ZERO-G" in contact with ZERO-G, they are very optimistic about the prospects. In addition, ZERO-G’s "one dance two" concert also got Chinese fashion leader Tony studio support, as a concert artist invited other team. At the same time, the concert with the launch of junmeng game licensed mobile phone game "Ragnarok: Revival" to achieve cooperation, joint promotion. It is understood that "the only dance two" concert is ZERO-G team members in January this year after the debut of the first in the water cube, the second phase of training will be full debut, therefore it will be the number one show up. In addition to the ZERO-G team has launched a "Zero Gravity", "hit the" two EP’s songs, singing and dancing on the original songs, members of solo programs, and ZERO-G winter song first audition, rich content, good faith. In addition, there are six of the first phase of the birth ceremony of the two, dating coupons sweepstakes link, in the presence of the fans witnessed. "Firepower" preparing for the concert, each training performance as it was revealed to the concert, ZERO-G men’s team has been planned for months, members more began to prepare for from eleven before the National Day holiday, even have almost no rest. Each training or rehearsal, the members are treated as a formal performance, and after the end of the director, music teacher, dance teacher to communicate, every time will trigger a new inspiration, every day a new Idea. I believe tomorrow’s concert, fans can give a fresh feeling.相关的主题文章: