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Zhao Liying Lu Yi "rouge" diversity plot and plot finale – Anhui channel: people.com.cn original title: Zhao Liying Lu Yi "rouge" diversity plot and Finale plot (Figure) "rouge" is directed by Xu Jizhou, the drama of the war, by Zhao Liying, Lu Yi, Tao Xinran, Yuan Wenkang starring. The play tells the story of the Anti Japanese war in Shanghai, a gifted blue rouge on this occupation agent is full of longing, and accidentally met three spy Zhou Yuhao, two people from the frenemy relationship gradually become quarrelsome lovers together for War struggle, safeguard national interests story. The show on September 27, 2016 at the Oriental TV, Zhejiang TV premiere. TV drama "rouge" poster writer: Wang Biao director: Xu Jizhou Xu Jizhou Lu Yi Tao Xinran Yuan Wenkang Li Mengnan starring Zhao Liying more… Genre: Drama suspense producer countries: Chinese, language: Mandarin Broadcast: 2016-09-27 (Chinese continental) set number: 45 single set of Runtime: 43 minutes: Rookie Agent aka Rogue set number: 30 sets Starring: Zhao Liying Lu Yi Yuan Wenkang Tao Xinran director: Xu Jizhou class: Revolutionary War time: September 27, 2016 (broadcast: Huang Yan Guan Fei, commissioning editor) original title: Zhao Liying Lu Yi "rouge" diversity plot and Finale plot (Figure  ); TV drama "rouge" protagonist: Feng Manna (Tao Xinran ornaments) beautiful Personality, simple and direct, iron hand in a velvet glove; one will not forgive, grudges. The parents die, gradually become paranoid aggressive, but the heart is still hard pull off; half water, half flame. Father Feng Zixiong is a high-ranking military military Commissioner, in the age of war is the happy richly endowed by nature; Mena worries, who knows one day suddenly found parents are happy to do a traitor, the illusion of being torn. The right and wrong too, loved ones have been good sisters personally to the end. Mena stubbornly believe that distressed such is life, is the use of rouge her feelings, close to her lover, a hand to ruin her life. Infinite hate, vowed to revenge. Espionage network tegaoke section chief Takeshi Aoki heavy miss Feng Zixiong, Mena wanted to assimilate, but Mena is reluctant to treason. But Mena is juntong that their parents’ accomplice, a chase; only the vast mountains and rivers of the Japanese open the door to her. Encourage family care, sweetheart Zhou Yuhao Aoki, let Mena finally went to the road to the enemy. (Huang Yan, commissioning editor Guan Fei) original title: Zhao Liying Lu Yi "rouge" diversity plot and Finale plot (Figure) "rouge" diversity introduced the first set – Blue Rouge muddleheaded was involved in intelligence storm at the beginning of August 1937, with the Japanese War of aggression against China launched an unprecedented campaign, Shanghai will start from the first metropolis in the Far East Shanghai, China supreme command decided)相关的主题文章: