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Zhejiang University boys train station revealed "3 yuan" trick is just past the cheater abuse – Sohu news slapped the National Day holidays, Wang Yang of Zhejiang University senior student (a pseudonym), are most likely to be a memorable holiday. The early morning of October 5th, he took the D933 train from Guangzhou to the south of arrived in Hangzhou East Railway Station, just out of the station, encountered "three yuan" scam. Think of the same train station in the city of Hangzhou two years ago, Wang Yang decided to exit to expose the ugly behavior of these crooks, was enraged deception officers beating in the head, three stitches. 3 days after the incident, yesterday afternoon, beating the woman who was caught by the railway police fraud, Wang Yang through the scene to identify, determine the day of the people involved in the case of. At present, the woman has been controlled by the railway police, several other related personnel are still under investigation. "Three yuan" is why a man gang will be playing at noon yesterday, the money newspaper reporter saw the righteousness of the guy in the West Plaza Hangzhou train station. In the sky drizzle, Wang Yang or summer wear: a T-shirt, a pair of sports shorts, a pair of basketball shoes, very sunny students dress up. There is a piece of gauze above the black frame glasses to remind reporters of his encounter. Speaking of the encounter at the station, Wang Yang and gas hate. Wang Yang money newspaper reporter recalls what happened: "I sit to lie D933 from Guangzhou south to Hangzhou East, October 5th at 5:45, 3 from the north exit, there is a silver suitcase woman dragged up and asked me, boy, can I borrow three dollars." Wang Yang recalled, the woman about 1.55 meters tall, wearing a yellow jacket, black coat. This routine, Wang Yang deja vu — National Day in 2014, he set off from Hangzhou to Nanchang, in the city train station met a middle-aged woman, said to buy tickets three yuan of money, then gave her three yuan of money, the middle-aged woman said Wang Yang got it wrong, is thirteen yuan, and later to three yuan of money, there are other people around him, when Wang Yang ran away. Wang Yang said, he later thought, this trick is to use the kind you find: "first you borrowed three yuan of money, a little kindness people think, who will cheat three yuan? When dig the money, fake thirteen, a lot of people at this time will have a problem, but not to feel shy. And ten dollars is change, some people do not change, even to a fifty is not a thing." This time they encountered a similar scene, Wang Yang decisively rejected. Not far away, he saw a woman wearing a grey coat, about 1.6 meters tall, is dragging a silver suitcase, in a similar way to the other passengers to defraud, he immediately told the passengers up to stop, "this is a liar, don’t believe". The passenger was very grateful to him. Two years ago he had revealed that wants to be a volunteer station three yuan fraud two years ago had suffered, Wang Yangmeng had to go to the train station to volunteer, debunking these ugly behavior, but has been unable to make the trip. This time, he also encountered the same trick to cheat, he thought".相关的主题文章: