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Zhengzhou 91 years old railway workers dream heavy rail wear clothes according to old man Zhang Quanjiafu lovingly looked at his new hat – the Jingwei reporter Han Xu Han Fu Claus toshibumi photography who lives in Zhengzhou, 91 years old this year, he was 13 years old on the train in the boiling water, when the train driver adult, with the train hit a lifetime with. But half a month ago, the old man physical discomfort, feeling that his future is not much, hope to put on Railway uniforms, give yourself a family portrait. In order to meet the wishes of the elderly, the railway department responsible for the elderly to find a uniform. The afternoon of September 28th, the newspaper photographer came to the Korean homes for the elderly, completed as family portrait wish. The old man, wearing a uniform, with a smile, smile and smile, the tears in your eyes he remember the vicissitudes of the past. At the age of 13 he became a railway worker Longhai Road No. 233 residents, half have not see Han Fu old man. Before, 91 year old Han Fu sun in the district every day, read the newspaper. This time, the old man is getting worse and worse. He recently died of cerebral infarction paralyzed in bed, unable to go downstairs alone. But the old man had a wish that he would be able to wear a railway uniform for the rest of his life. Han Fu old man born in Anyang, was born in 1925. In 1937, he was originally good, because Japs captured Anyang, let him prematurely assume the task of life. That year, in order to live, 13 year old Han Fu came to the train to boil water. Since then, he and the indissoluble bound with the railway. At that time, the railway was controlled by the japanese. Han Fu had read the school a few years, during the work on the train, he gradually mastered the skills of the train. At that time, only a dozen rows of Zhengzhou Railway Station after the liberation of the housing, the location of the railway in Zhengzhou increasingly apparent. Han will be invited to open the train was invited to Zhengzhou, and became a train driver. Han Fu vaguely remember, at the time of the Zhengzhou Railway Station, only dozens of row houses, the waiting room is a hut with the mat. A jingle was circulated: "six rooms two greenhouses, no water and no electricity have to wait." Han Fu at work, the locomotive depot on a dozen people. In a repair process, the crane hook was struck on the head of Han fu. 1956, South Korea began to engage in work-related injuries in the railway flaw detection, the work is to detect the problem of the use of sound waves on the railway. South Korea is also the first train in 1956 by the Ministry of Railways to crack out". Han’s own technology, dedicated to the railway for a lifetime, in 1984 he officially retired. In the meantime, he has brought hundreds of detection technology workers. Wish to wear a uniform Railway on the 3 floor of the narrow residential buildings, a few dozen square meters of the room, Han Fu is the home of the elderly. Han Fu beard is old, excitedly stroking a railway uniform. The old man’s son Mr. Han told reporters that he did not get married around 1945, he adopted children, including his two children. Han after retirement, and replace the old man to work on the railroad. But the daughter was married in 1988 at the age of 23 died of illness. Mother because of missing daughter, died in 1992. He is a lifetime for not rob, they said to give him a raise, he said enough money)相关的主题文章: