Zhengzhou, a road 1 km road pit people laugh a rain on fish w-inds.

Zhengzhou, a road 1 km road pit people laugh: a rain on the fish in the eyes of the people of Zhengzhou in the past happy Mall Road, now evolved into the worst road, no one. From the Mall Road East to the intersection of Mall Road, Dongming Road, 1000 meters away from the foot of 200 pits, the public ridicule a rain, a sprinkler, any pit can fish". – Oriental Daily News chief correspondent reporter Li Xinhua Wen Fu Han rain [figure] Mall Road confession once I was in the city of happiness but now I am in a disastrous state mall road. Once, I was in Zhengzhou public mind midpoint praise more road, a Road Mall as a cover, tobe magnanimous as, after dinner, people who love to walk on the road, they say, living in this street, is the city of happiness. However, from the beginning of this year, the road began to appear on the pit pits, the public praise is not, more and more abuse followed, I like a frightened deer, I watched the people who pass by jittery, I when I want to help you, show all sorts of ugly behaviours, but powerless. Finally, I was rated as the worst road in Zhengzhou, no one, the road in the end how bad? Look at the public ridicule, you know. People say, want to ride the roller coaster, why go to the Mall Road infante, go right, just take a piece of money to take the bus, walk, cost-effective. People say that the Mall Road is in the interpretation of life philosophy, the former can also be full of "the boundless plain, thorns today". The public said, do not ride a bike, bike ride here to you. People say that the elderly osteoporosis are prohibited, bumps apart is not responsible…………. There are careful people, the number of pits for me, kilometers from Dongming Road intersection to the mall Mall East Road intersection, the distance is 200, ranging from the size of the pit, the whole road 300 pits are few. This let me as a city in the road feel ashamed, Lane than my road well, how can I stand in downtown? Especially after the September 26th day and night in the rain, my road is bad to the extreme, the body covered with puddles, not a whole skin, buses, private cars passing by, although the speed is very slow, or will the bumps Dangqi big splash, splash mud around the potholes, the rider after more there is a difficult road, a reel, into another small pit from a pit. In September 26th 2 in the afternoon, a go by riding an electric scooter roaring, he relied on his driving skills left or right, shake off on the lunch basket. In September 26th 6 in the afternoon, it rained heavily, rush people such as Chung, everywhere inspired spray, even pedestrians who are not spared. In September 26th 9 at night, a light rain, under the dim light, a woman riding a electric bike into the pit, she was forced to jump down, feet and stepped into the puddle. September 27th at 9 in the morning, the pit is still, the water is still, an old man riding a bicycle, simply push the car from the sidewalk, this broken road, when repair ah."………… These days, I often heard the owner and passengers complain and abuse, my life has been in a disastrous state, I need to change. Asked Mall Road why long.相关的主题文章: