Zhengzhou east station closed the door 4 years tourists complained about the long way around tianbi

Zhengzhou east station closed the door 4 years tourists complained about the detour east station of Zhengzhou East Gate with a blue enclosure, the square is a piece of lawn. Reporter Liu Jianghao Ventura core tip |2012 September 28th, Zhengzhou station officially opened its doors. Four years later, the station passenger traffic continues to rise, but recently a lot of tourists Tucao, opened four years, east gate, East Plaza is still not enabled, passengers need to bypass the long way. The reporter visits to understand, at present, Zhengzhou East Station Square is built underground traffic hub project. According to the plan, the future will be built, the East Plaza area, finance, logistics and other high-end projects, become old, Green Bo Zheng Dong new connecting Baisha Group "throat" hub. [] Zhengzhou east station Tucao door closed four years passengers detour to Zhengzhou east station building tall, especially the west around the square, wide vision, distant skyscrapers, modern feeling quite strong. However, the East Plaza has closed the door, no access, for this reason, many passengers have questioned the station has been open for four years, why not open the east gate? Mr. Liu: hometown Zhongmu, working in Zhengzhou, every week between the two places. The bus station is located in the high speed rail station on the east side, so, arrived in Zhengzhou station, because the east gate, the East Plaza is not enabled, need to bypass a path to get to the bus station. In September 10th, the use of high-speed rail come from the home, get off at the bus stop, need to run to the west square ticket office, from east to west, crossing the Zhengzhou east station, bypass for ten minutes, very convenient. Perennial two run, sometimes dragging a large package, so far around, feeling very tired. For so many years, Zhengzhou East Station East Square is not open, each ride high-speed rail from Zhengzhou station, see east square is deserted, the heart will feel uncomfortable. A piece of such a good place, or a window to the outside, so idle for so many years, can not understand…… Public Jia: [] visited the East Square is built underground transportation hub according to the reporter, because the East Square is not enabled, under the subway and bus passengers to take the bus, must detour to the east from the west near the square square, if in the future, subway and bus in the east square operation, will greatly save the bus ride time traveler, realize zero transfer. At present, the ramp of Zhengzhou east station a total of two directions can be used, according to the Zhengzhou station official said, 107 road construction, the southeast ramp is not opened, closed at the beginning of this year. The North ramp can be used, from east to west, South East and West ramp. However, from Zhengzhou east station east of the car, are influenced by the East Square is not enabled. After the opening, at least a few miles away. Zhengzhou station east square has not open, why? Reporter recently came to the Zhengzhou Station East square. The east gate is enclosed in a blue enclosure. In the eastern part of the lawn, cranes everywhere, a pit, similar to see three or four years ago, reporters came to interview here, not filled. Close the door of the construction site, the reporter found an introduction to the project. According to the notice posted, the project is the Zhengzhou integrated transport hub underground transport.相关的主题文章: