Zhengzhou man selling stolen 2915 hate cross cut wrist strength Dutch act soojin

Zhengzhou man selling stolen 2915 hate cross cut wrist strength Dutch act original title: man selling stolen 2915 yuan, and resented attempted Dutch act Zheng report financial media reporter Xu Fuying Ventura on October 14th at 6:20 in the morning, Mr. Wang of the public to the newspaper calls: a vegetable stall in Ruhe District, a man lying down, the left hand is blood, suspected Dutch act cut the wrist. 120 emergency personnel and police have just arrived in the first aid. 10 minutes later, reporters rushed to the scene, I saw a roadside stall under the debris and cloth lying on a young man, his eyes closed, there is a pool of blood left wrist, three provincial hospital emergency personnel are to give the young man. Police asked to stand on the side of the woman, the woman claiming to be the man’s neighbor. The scene of the Ruhe road patrol team Mao Yong, the injured man surnamed Dong, 26 years old, Zhoukou Zheng personnel working in the area of vegetables not long. Sometimes sell late into the night, live under guard stalls stall. At about 6 this morning, when he got up, he found that his wallet was missing. "These days he sold a total of 2915 yuan and other food money card in the wallet, he hated himself for not optimistic about something, angrily, picked up a fruit knife to cut his left wrist, Dutch act. It wasn’t long before he was found, just as we were on one side of the patrol and ran over." The crowd of onlookers denounced the thieves. Dong adjacent stalls Zhao aunt said, Xiao Dong is a good child, the family was poor, to work here selling vegetables, hoping to earn some money, he’s this 2900 yuan is too important for him, may be all the income for a month. At 6:40, the feeble Dong emergency personnel were pulled to the hospital. Police said they would investigate the matter. Relevant processing is in progress.相关的主题文章: