Zhengzhou real estate supervision team issued a briefing on the situation of illegal developers tonya mitchell

Zhengzhou City real estate monitoring team briefing illegal well-known developers in the column – reporter Wu Junchi core tips Shu opened, undocumented illegal sales, without qualification to provide property management services, since this year, the Zhengzhou property market is hot, many developers of "action" frequent. Yesterday, Zhengzhou City real estate monitoring detachment in order to maintain the health of the real estate market in order to investigate and punish the illegal behavior of a number of real estate market, the illegal acts of real estate from a total of 51, nearly 80% illegal sales accounted for the handling of the case. Notification, investigation of cases, nearly eight well-known projects become illegal sales, Heranzailie yesterday, reporters from Zhengzhou City real estate Supervision Detachment was informed that as of now, the admissibility of the case of 1-9 months of this year Zhengzhou City real estate monitoring detachment 133, growth of 23% compared with the same period last year; in accordance with the law for investigation of illegal behavior since 51, growth of 50% compared with the same period last year. The illegal sale of 39 cases, 8 cases of illegal agents, the other 4 cases, illegal sales accounted for nearly 80% of cases, the country voted nine, long square and other well-known developers impressively well-known projects. According to the monitoring detachment informed content shows that from September 15th to September 21st, 12 cases of accepting cases, compared with the same period last year, an increase of 140%; according to the law to investigate and deal with illegal acts from the 7, all for the development of illegal enterprises. To monitor the detachment responsible person, from accepting complaints and cases dealt with the situation, the real estate development enterprises illegal houses as illegal behavior is still our real estate market is multiple, most of the development of enterprises in the pre-sale permit of commercial housing, by collecting, arranging fees, subscription and VIP membership a Membership Upgrade form of pre-sale of commercial housing, or by the electricity supplier and three direction of the housing Yugouren charge. The responsible person noted that there are repeated investigations of behavior in Zhengzhou China Ltd., Zhengzhou Desheng Ltd. refused to perform the administrative penalty decision made in accordance with laws and regulations, Supervision Detachment to the people’s court for enforcement. There are more than two times the punishment of illegal enterprises, since the "number one" will be interviewed nearly half a year, the price of commercial housing in Zhengzhou City, the rapid growth of some enterprises illegal sales of commercial property in the project of incomplete procedures, Zhengzhou City real estate supervision department to adopt a number of measures, strengthen law enforcement, for the 2 time the above violations of the enterprise, the business leaders will be interviewed". The reporter learned that, in order to expand the channels of public complaints, strengthen the power handling line, Zhengzhou City real estate monitoring detachment actively broaden clues based on the discovery channel, site acceptance, accepting telephone complaints on the new "Zhengzhou real estate complaints" WeChat public, including accepting illegal houses, public complaints, do "there will be complaints, the case will have to check". Since this year, Zhengzhou City real estate monitoring detachment were interviewed relevant companies 7 times, on the one hand requires enterprise law-abiding business, hand to urge enterprises to cooperate with the investigation, at the same time, enterprises illegal information related offices in Zhengzhou City Housing Authority credited to the enterprise credit files, and exposure in the Zhengzhou real estate network "law enforcement" column..相关的主题文章: