Ziyang, a woman with a ATM machine to transfer 500 yuan of 10 Yu Tian has not yet arrived (Figure) ( yvette yates

Ziyang, a woman with a ATM machine to transfer 500 yuan, Yu Tian has not yet arrived at the account (Figure) Ms. Jiang to the bank outlets advisory. Friends died, Sichuan Ziyang (micro-blog) in Yanjiang District, Ms. Jiang is unable to attend the funeral, and to the City Construction Bank China outlets, to a friend husband’s bank card deposit 500 yuan. As at 10:30 on October 29th, the time has passed 18 days, the friend’s husband has not received the remittance of the express intention of ms.. "If the current account, but also changed the taste, according to customs is also very unlucky." Ms. Jiang said that the slow progress of the Construction Bank, she would like to make a statement. The death of a good friend on the machine ATM remittance form on the morning of October 11th, the news of the death of a friend in Chongqing, Ms. Jiang is very painful. "My colleagues and friends for years, I should have attended her funeral." Ms. Jiang said, because to take care of her sick husband, she will contact her husband’s husband, Mr. Jia, said after a comfort, to remit a sum of money to express his mind. 11 at 10 pm, Ms. Jiang to the City Construction Bank Chinese drive Road branch, card deposit 500 yuan in cash to the bank in Jia ATM teller machines, and then take the next small ticket vending machines to each other. 12 evening, Ms. Jiang contact with Mr. Jia, the other said it did not receive remittances. 13 days, a friend’s funeral held. "I waited until 14 to confirm again that he had not received it." Ms. Jiang said, the funeral ceremony is over, the money has not arrived yet, she felt very sorry, "after receiving this money is what?" 19, after her husband was discharged, Ms. Jiang to the bank outlets, lobby manager, said the money is still on the bank book, said the 7 working days will be credited." Ms. Jiang said she had to go home and other news. 7 days 500 yuan remittance yet arrival in October 27th, Ms. Jiang learned that Mr. Jia has not yet received the money, once again to the City Construction Bank Road branch consulting. Lobby manager said, I can not query the cardholder." Ms. Jiang explained the matter after the provision of Mr. Jia’s bank card number, after the bank staff to inform the inquiry, the money has not yet turned over, the background is being processed. Friends died half a month, I have not sent the money to the families of the deceased account, this matter is not good to whom." Ms. Jiang said that she asked the bank to give her a statement that day, the lobby manager has entered the bank counter, no longer come out, I am alone in the hall, feeling very helpless." Subsequently, Ms. Jiang call 12315 complaints, said the Bank of China, said the need for 12315 complaints. So, Ms. Jiang also to the China Banking Regulatory Commission Ziyang branch complaints. 27 afternoon, Ms. Jiang received a phone call from the construction bank staff, the other said that 500 yuan will be handled within 2 days. "Even if the money, and what is it? People are cremated, the original has no significance." Ms. Jiang said, if it is a sum of other payments, she does not care so much, but this is a special meaning of the remittance, now returned to and received by the other party, do not mind the taste, "I hope the bank to give a satisfactory reply to me and Mr. Jia, it is very difficult?" Bank outlets: 29 days before 24 sure arrival commitment over the past two days相关的主题文章: