Zuckerberg built walls, hundreds of people in Hawaii will protest



when Mark · (Mark Zuckerberg) decided to sue Hawaii for property ownership in Kauai hundreds of residents, he triggered a strong rebound.

, the billionaire billionaire’s Facebook, plans to hold a protest at the weekend against his 6 foot (about 1.8 meters) high wall built along Koolau road last year. The organizers of the parade were Joey · (Joe Hart).

In an interview with BI on Thursday, Mr Hart said he expected that at least 200 locals, including several of Mr Zuckerberg’s alleged targets, would take part in the parade on Saturday.

"People are angry with him," said

Hart." Hart is a hibiscus growers, living in 700 acres (about 2 million 833 thousand square meters) from the property of the border of about 0.25 miles (about 400 meters). Hart encouraged the march of the staff, the conch shell drums, peaceful protest.

12 30, Zuckerberg filed a lawsuit in the local court of 8. The families of the defendants in the lawsuits were based on the "Kuleana act", which inherited 14 lands, which were born in 1850, and that the aborigines had the right to live on land.

14 of the land accounted for about 700 acres of Zuckerberg’s property in the area of the 8 acres, but the law allows the family members of the land owners directly into the private property of other places in the city of Zuckerberg.

Hart and other neighbors, said Zuckerberg, the security team of the threat to prevent them from entering the public beach on the island of

. Hart said that he recently went to public property near the beach in the property of Zuckerberg had suffered security. He said: "we are walking, and they say this is a private place. But I’ve been here since I was a child."

accept the "Honolulu star" reported recently in an interview, naoji · Grady (Naoshi Grady) said that last year, he was asked to leave a public security road through the Zuckerberg property, and he then alarm. He said: "they told me it was a private property. They threatened to take pictures of me and even arrest me. They are aggressive and rude."

lives on the island of Kauai activists claiming to the public, Richard · Spesa (Richard Spacer) on BI said, he heard a number of local people, see no trespassing signs in the Ala Loa Trail walking on the road, or be open security required to leave the beach car.

Spesa and Hart Zuckerberg have said that last year built 6 feet wall led to enter their inherited land.

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