56Print names carry live The Wall Street journal encourages employees to take the initiative to buyout|Print names carry live The Wall Street journal encourages employees to take the initiative to buyout9

Print names carry live? The Wall Street journal encourages employees to take the initiative to buyout left the original title: print names also could not carry? The Wall Street journal encourages employees to take the initiative to buyout leaving the Reuters reported, citing a memo "Wall Street journal" editor in chief Gerard Baker said, "the Wall Street journal" is preparing to make a considerable part of the employee labor contract. Baker said, in order to limit the involuntary layoffs, "the Wall Street journal" will be in the world — including employee management and employees, provide employment contract buyout opportunities, they will receive voluntary severance. If employees are willing to participate in the buyout, you should send a message to the human resources department before October 31st, at the same time the statement "compensation plan I would like to join the" Wall Street journal "news department initiative to terminate the labor contract". Earlier this week, Dow Jone am Co CEO William Lewis announced a three year cost reduction plan to deal with the current financial crisis caused by the decline in print advertising to the company. Lewis in the code named "the WSJ2020" cost reduction plan that the plan aims to promote the "Wall Street journal" gradually realize the modernization of the news department, and improve the mobile sector and professional information products business. At the same time, according to U.S. media reports Politico, in an unexpected wrong email, also belonging to the Dow Jone am Co’s media "Barron’s" also broke has already made plans to lay off, will be implemented next week. "Finn editor Ed Barron" in the message said, "the Wall Street journal" has informed the staff, will provide 1.5 times higher than normal employee buyout compensation, "but if we give" Barron’s "next week to dismiss employees, provide regular severance, the will cause a problem, please give me some advice." The executive said his email was ready to be sent to Barron’s management, but was accidentally sent to more people. "Wall Street journal" is part of the U.S. Dow Jone am Co, and later, Murdoch’s news group spent $5 billion acquisition of Dow Jone am Co. A Jones Company spokesman declined to comment on the matter. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion

75Observation the fall should not fall back carefully|Observation the fall should not fall back carefully5

Observation: do not fall down carefully back efforts from Tianxin investment Thursday, narrow range of fluctuations in the index rose slightly. Weight plates, environmental protection, building materials, coal, chemical sector gainers, engineering machinery, nonferrous metals, components, oil, securities sector decline in the former. The concept of broadband speed, quantum communications, 4G, intelligent medical, air management gainers, sapphire, gold, apples, rare earth permanent magnet, overseas engineering concept decreases before. With the 20 line up and down the 250 antenna, the fluctuation of stock index space more and more small, which is caused by the Shanghai refers to a narrow range of reasons. Small fluctuations in the index space, then it is difficult to continue to rise in the plate, hot plate is more than one or two days of market. Recently the PPP model and the concept of green lighting fiery 8 appeared on the rest, stocks differentiation. Early Vanke A surged nearly 5%, to stimulate the real estate sector pulled up, however, with Vanke down, pulled up has become a Epiphyllum now. When the afternoon index dropped and finally turn up, perhaps a lot of people will rejoice, actually this is wrong. Not only rise in the stock market, if the index fell slightly to 8, is conducive to the market outlook, because it means that the profit from cleaning, pressure has been released, and now the stock index to the red plate, forming a five rising trend, the fall that does not fall, can only increase the air the power, when finally release the pressure, it is easy to form a Yin Yang swallow a few trends. Volume 8, there is a contraction, with the rise of the index formed a departure from the total signs of the overall performance of the adjustment is getting closer and closer, need to pay attention to the risk of.